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Are you a school teacher? Perhaps, the start of each summer is bittersweet to you. You may enjoy the downtime for a while. However, you might become bored after staying home for a few weeks. If you can relate to this scenario, consider enrolling in a continuing education class this summer. If you’re a parent, you might even wish to sign up for a fun class with your kids. For instance, you may absolutely adore taking a pottery, cake designing, spinning, step aerobics, or basket weaving course. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of taking exciting, continuing education classes during the summer months. Enjoy!


How Crosswords Help Students

20 October 2020
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Teachers are always looking for fun and interesting ways to educate the kids in their class. Children are often found in front of their electronics, but puzzles are a great way to engage their minds. Word searches, logic problems, and crosswords all help children improve their reading. However, there are several other important ways they challenge a child's mind. Improve Spelling Crosswords use clues to help a child improve their spelling of words. Read More …

Is It Worth Sending Your Child To Preschool When You Work From Home? 4 Benefits Of Childcare Services For Your Family

10 July 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

The shift to working from home involves making a series of decisions about how you can set up your lifestyle for success. Right now, one of your biggest decisions to make is whether or not it is worth continuing to send your child to daycare. While it may be tempting to keep your child at home, there are many benefits of going to a preschool that are worth exploring. Manage Your Work Tasks Without Distractions Read More …

Top Reasons To Enroll Your Child In School Sports

17 March 2018
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If your child's school is like many, then he or she has the option to enroll in a sports program at his or her school. These are a few reasons why it can be a good idea for you to enroll your child in one of these sports programs. Encourage Your Child to Get More Physical Activity First of all, it is never a bad idea to encourage your child to get in more physical activity each day. Read More …

5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Memory

22 November 2017
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Keeping your brain active will help prevent memory loss. By dong some preventative brain strengthening tasks, you can help improve your memory and prevent memory loss later down the road. Some of these tasks can be done at home or be added to your daily routine. See below for a list of the things you can do to strengthen your memory. Change Your Grocery Store If you shop at the same grocery store all the time, try a new one to help you think of where to find things. Read More …

How To Educate Your Brilliant Teenager

9 August 2017
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Do you remember exactly when you realized that your child was exceptionally smart? Perhaps he or she would browse the encyclopedia at a very young age, knowing that the D encyclopedia meant that he or she could look at pictures of dinosaurs. And then you probably realized that the little child was actually reading instead of just looking at the pictures. If you are wondering how to educate your brilliant teenager, from things you can do at home to finding specialty schools, here are some ideas: Read More …