Four Benefits Of Expanding Your Flight Rating To Seaplanes

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Four Benefits Of Expanding Your Flight Rating To Seaplanes

25 July 2016
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If you have already completed your basic single-engine flight rating and are looking to expand your horizons even farther, you may want to consider the world of seaplanes. These light aircraft are primarily designed to land on and take off from bodies of water, though some are also capable of terrestrial landings. Considering the four following benefits and the relative ease of adjusting to this style of flight, earning your rating is often well worth a few hours at a local aviation school, such as Institute of Aviation at Parkland College

Gaining Access to Unreachable Areas

The primary selling point of a seaplane, of course, is that it needs no airport or landing strip to touch down and take off. This opens up large swathes of the world that are inaccessible by regular plane, including most coastal areas and even large lakes. If you have a thirst for adventure or business in remote areas, a seaplane is an essential tool to take you where you need to go. 

Enjoying Remote Fishing and Hunting Spots

Besides the practical benefits of a seaplane, you may also enjoy its recreational opportunities. The most obvious of these are fishing and hunting. With so much of the accessible fishing waters already over-fished and the wilderness crawling with more hunters than game in many areas, it pays to be able to fly beyond the reach of the average sportsmen. With a seaplane, it is possible to simply put your craft down, drop an anchor and then drop a line right into the water of the best fishing spots in the world. 

Considering Commercial Opportunities 

If you are interested in putting your flight training to more lucrative effect, seaplane pilots are often in high demand for tourism, transportation and shipping. So long as you stay near a body of water, you should nearly always be able to find a good use for your training. Because few pilots go on to receive their seaplane rating, you may even find that your skills are valued at a premium. 

Adding to Your Basic Flight Rating

Finally, many pilots simply learn to fly seaplanes as a natural extension of their basic single-engine flight rating. Most are able to complete their training with minimal hours in exchange for opening up much of the world that they could not fly to otherwise, and learning to fly and land a seaplane can only improve your skill with regular aircraft. If you have been curious about seaplanes for years or they are only just now piquing your interest, contact your local flight school to begin making plans and exploring the seas today.