5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Memory

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5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Memory

22 November 2017
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Keeping your brain active will help prevent memory loss. By dong some preventative brain strengthening tasks, you can help improve your memory and prevent memory loss later down the road. Some of these tasks can be done at home or be added to your daily routine. See below for a list of the things you can do to strengthen your memory.

Change Your Grocery Store

If you shop at the same grocery store all the time, try a new one to help you think of where to find things. If there isn't another grocery store to choose from, shop at the same store, but start your shopping in a different section instead of where you would normally begin. Mix things up a bit in your store to keep your brain fresh. If you typically shop with a list, try to skip the list and remember the list from memory instead.

Take a Different Route

If you take the same route every single day, make a change and find a new way to get to your destination. Take a look at a paper map to find a new route or to use for directions, rather than using your phone to do the work for you.

Try Something New

Try out something new, whether it's a new hobby, a new recipe or a new restaurant that is different than what you would normally eat. Trying new things can strengthen your memory, as you're doing something new and challenging.

Play a Strategy Game

Play a game that requires strategy, such as  Brain Paths, where you have to think of your moves ahead of time. Even children's games can require strategy or even counting or thinking of some sort. Try new games and play them often. It can help with your child's memory as well.

Read More

Reading can improve your memory and brain function. Grab a book about something interesting, something non-fiction such as history or a biography. It can be something that interests you, but something where you can actually learn something. Share the information you learned from the book in a discussion with someone you know. You can also read the newspaper and focus on articles of interest, which you can also share with someone. Reading and then discussing the facts you learned will help with memory.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your memory. Take time now to improve your memory and prevent memory loss later in life.