Does Your Teen Have An Interest In Trade Certification Programs? What To Do To Nurture It

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Does Your Teen Have An Interest In Trade Certification Programs? What To Do To Nurture It

25 September 2018
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If you have a child that is interested in going to a trade school part-time while they are still in high school, but you aren't sure what they should go into, an electrician certification is a great choice. There are many reasons why this is a top choice among students, and there is such a high demand in the field. Here are some of the reasons why you should encourage this and why this is a great field.

Prepare Your Teen with a Job

Letting them get an early jump on a career path is a great way to prepare your teen with a job for the future. While they are getting their training, they can go through shadowing and apprenticeship programs as well, allowing them to work and earn wages. Letting your teen do this will help get them close to having a career at an early age, giving them a jump start on life. This is a valuable advantage many teens aren't able to get.

Certification Training Helps Speed Up Other Degrees

After your teen goes through the training program, it won't just help them if they want to be an electrician, but it can also help them if they go to college or want to do a different program. Some of the credits will be transferable, so your teen can use what they learn towards earning another degree if needed or at another time.

Electricians Have High Pay and Good Job Outlook

There are many opportunities for your teen to be employed in the future with this trade certification, and these jobs are high paying. There is a current need for electricians in many cities across the country, and the average salary is almost $60,000 annually.  You want your teen to spend their time and efforts working towards a certification where they can actually get work and find employment, instead of throwing away years in a field where work isn't abundant.

The training program will be determined on how much your teen does while they are at the trade facility during the day, and then they will be able to continue classes in the summer and after they are out of high school so they can finish. Talk with your teen. If they want to go into a trade field and they don't think that they want to do a 4-year university, you should talk with them about an electrical certification training program.