Is It Worth Sending Your Child To Preschool When You Work From Home? 4 Benefits Of Childcare Services For Your Family

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Is It Worth Sending Your Child To Preschool When You Work From Home? 4 Benefits Of Childcare Services For Your Family

10 July 2020
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The shift to working from home involves making a series of decisions about how you can set up your lifestyle for success. Right now, one of your biggest decisions to make is whether or not it is worth continuing to send your child to daycare. While it may be tempting to keep your child at home, there are many benefits of going to a preschool that are worth exploring.

Manage Your Work Tasks Without Distractions

Working from home might seem relaxing in the beginning, but the truth is that many people find that they do even more work than they did in the office. Trying to finagle your way through virtual meetings and phone calls is difficult to do when you have an active preschooler in the house. At their early learning center, your child can play all they want without interrupting your work schedule.

Keep Your Child Safe

Curious young children can quickly get into dangerous situations within seconds. While you might be home, you need to be honest with yourself about how well you can actually supervise your child throughout the day. If you know that you have a tendency to focus so completely on your work that you tune everything else out, then your child might be safer in a classroom setting. Safety is one of the primary components of childcare services, and knowing that a professional is watching your child allows you to focus on your work.

Provide Opportunities to Develop Social Skills

Pre-kindergarten is a time when young children are learning all of those basic social skills that help them to interact with others. Sharing, listening, and participating in conversations are all things that your child's teacher helps them to learn every day. These early social experiences also pave the way for your child's transition to regular school when they are older.

Nurture Your Child's Intellectual Development

When you are working, it just might not be possible to spend hours each day working on skills such as your child's letter knowledge. A quality pre-k program includes a daily schedule that is packed with educational experiences for your child. From doing simple science experiments to listening to a story, your child will receive individualized instruction that helps them learn to read, write, and understand mathematical concepts. You'll still be able to work on these concepts with your child during your time off, and your child will experience major leaps in their development from receiving both types of instruction.

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